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Friday, October 17, 2014

Spider Lesson

Recently my older two were studying spiders, and my little one was studying the letter s.  We made a whole unit study out of spiders, and had so much fun.

 This chalk craft was one of our favorites.  We found it here.

I've seen these guys made as several different animals and critters.  They are a very easy craft made from egg cartons, pipe cleaners, google eyes, and a little paint.  I love how different they made them.

My son was also studying line in Art during this time, so we included some spider webs into our artwork.  The one on the left is the best example of how the lines are supposed to go.  

We also found some books about spiders during our library trip.  We read the following books:
World Book's Animals of the World: Spiders and Other Arachnids (I forgot to get the author)
Arachnid World: Tarantulas by: Sandra Markle
Arachnid World: Fishing Spiders by: Sandra Markle
There are some pretty interesting spider facts in these books.  My husband and I actually enjoyed these as much as the kids did.  An added bonus, after we read about the Tarantulas we saw one at the soccer field during practice.  My kids started blurting out facts to all the other kids.

We also visited the zoo and made sure to look for any spiders we could find.  

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