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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Candy Overload

If you are like us you have a candy overload problem right about now.  Normally the candy from all three kids fits into one container, but this year that one container only held one kids candy!!  When we saw our preacher on halloween night he decided our kids bags needed to be full...and I do mean FULL!

I even had to use my cupcake carrying container for candy.  Here is how we handle all of the Halloween candy at our house.  We let them pick out 2 or 3 pieces a day for a couple of days, and then the candy has to go.  We usually find neighbors who don't have small children and share with them, or my husband takes some to work to put in their break room.
 This year we decided that as a last candy eating day, we would make carmel apples.  Everyone picked out their favorite candy bar to go on their apple.  

 The kids loved opening all the caramels.  I was cooking supper at the same time, so I wanted the easiest method for melting the caramel.  We used the microwave and just added about 2 TBSP of water with the carmel before we melted it.  It worked great.  
 We ended up with a spider in our caramel...with a 7 year old boy that is to be expected.  Lol
 Yum crushed candy.  I think the M&Ms were the prettiest.  Those and the Whoppers crushed the best.

 The end result...AWESOME!  I think it was the best caramel apple I have ever had.  This one was mine with a Heath bar on it.  Yum.
We also had plenty of apples to take a few to Grandma and Grandpa.  Now our Halloween candy overload is thru until next was fun while it lasted.  

I am so excited for the comments and page views I have gotten on this new blogging venture.  Please follow along!

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